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First time potting effort

  • Thread starter jhaluska
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I just potted him, how did I do?

Nice, Nice, I think you did quite nicely, but just wait a couple more days to see if anything was damaged during the move. But other then that, Fabulous
Did you just get that little guy? He's a beaut! Great color. Your potting looks fine. Really nice effect with the moss around the edges...I usually don't re-pot any plants that have a dormancy period until they go dormant. Just keep an eye out for signs of stress/shock.
Nice potting job, and nice Dingley's Giant.
I have some and they get really nice color so far. I can't wait to see what they look like when they get a little older. Nice choice.
Yep, just got him Monday from Tony!  It is supposively a Dingley Giant like Uglypho's, but I don't care what he is, he looks cool to me.  
 He came unpotted, so I didn't have much choice on the timing of the potting.  I liked the moss, but I didn't want to smother the little guy yet, so I'm letting the moss grow to the center.

I'm going to be watching him very carefully.  Its tricky to pot them cause I don't like getting dirt in the traps or closing the traps.  I assume if I get a trap to grow fully from nothing without any problems the plotting was successful?
Hehe, yup. Basically as long as the plant doesn't die, it was a success.
But you'd still never know if it was from the way it was potted or from shipping stress, or even from when it was first pulled from the substrate.

But Tony takes excellent care of his plants. Magnificent color on them as well. I was shocked when I received my dingley from him, it was almost yellow with extremely red traps.

Looks like it will be fine, and the moss is an extra bonus for it.

Anyone know if the Dingley Giant actually show's any giant traits?
Maybe Dingley's other plants were dwarves?
Jhaluska-Excellent job on potting it up.

About Dingleys-Yes dingleys is quite a large grower. I asked a friend of mine......actually don't really know the guy. His name is Samuel V. somthing lime vince from australia(Not the dingley breeder). This guy grows the clone and claims its span to be as large as a dinner plate. The plant generates 1.8 inch traps typically and consistently. It is not the type that grows well, well upright like the south west giant or an erect clone. However, its got beautifull red traps. Samual has a Ph d. so he knows what he's saying.