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First pinguicula...

Hello everyone,

Today, I was given a P. caudata.  This is my first and only experience with a Butterwort.

The problem is that I do not find this plant name in "The Savage Garden" or " A guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World."  

Can anyone tell from the photo what type it is?  I have it sitting in distill water, in a constant humidity level of 75% terrarium with a white and growth light. Go to: Plants Photos

Tomorrow I might give two ants. How will I know when it is finish with it?

Thank you for your help in advance.


First of all, you need to have the link to the CP database. It'll provide information on legimate plant IDs.

P. caudata has been grouped into the P. moranensis species. From the pictures, that looks like a P. moranensis.

It also seemed to be semi-dormant right now -- probably coming out of dormancy. It looks like you are watering it a bit much. I would reduce the water level, and when the leaves get larger water more often. So read more about it in your books.

The ants should be dissolved in a few days.
The ping in the photo does not look like caudata. It is more likely to be P.agnata "true blue".
I too, think it looks much more like P. agnata 'True Blue'
Than P. moranensis.

Okay, I have three names for the same plant. Which is okay because we grow orchids and sometimes we don't know what we got until it flowers.

From looking at other messages and URL I see (unlike the VFT) that it is encourage to let the Butterwort to flower. Is this a correct oberservation?

Since this is my first "Ping"...I turn off my waterfall because I was not sure that the leaves could handle "tap" water splashing on it leaves. I have to rearrange one the two terriuam.

1. I was wondering if anyone use a fine mist (distill water) on their plant(s)?
2. How long those the flower last?
3. Do I want it to flower?
4. Anyone out there has photos of the "Ping" in a terriuam or bog? If yes may I see?

Thank You in advance
P.caudata= moranensis var. caudata. The plant you have does not look like moranensis var. caudata, instead it looks like agnata "true blue".
1. I would not recommend misting mexican Pings.
2. Flowers last a couple of weeks(this depends on the growing condition). If the plant is dormant and kept on the cooler side, the flowers will likely last longer than if the plant was kept in a warm, humid terrarium.
3.Yes. Unless you do not want to see the flower.