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Finally the #@*^ seeds germinated

Finally on the fourth attempt to germinate this #@*^ seeds i actully got seedlings. The first three atempts to grow these seeds all resulted in nothing. The only difference between those first three attempts and this one is that i put these ones in the freezer. Do you think this could have caused them to germinate, they are from Alaska. Well what ever did cause them to germinate im happy that they finally did cause im out of seeds.

Congrats Ktulu, better late than never huh?

The freezing probably did help them out a bit. Being from Alaska the seed would more than likely look for a period of pretty cold stratification. Rotundifolia in general unless i'm mistaken generally requires at least a 4 week period.

Let us know how they do.
In the wild in AK D. rotundifolia is under snow for at least 6 months.. sometimes more like 8.. so they do need a stratification. I always get high germination rates (80 to 90%) with 4 to 6 weeks stratification
How long did it take? Mine have been in soil for about 3 months now.