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Finally got a 125 gallon fish tank for my pacu!

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my Pacu has been in need of a new tank for some time now, I went to petsmart, and found a glass 125 gallon fish tank!
came with some accsessories too!  I have the gravel in now,(about 1 1/2 inches) and I'm going to add water tonight. The only problem is, how do I get biological bacteria in the water in 2 weeks? I got a bottle of PROQUATICS bateria starter, is that enough to get started, without my pacu getting stunned when moved in his new home? Also, one big problem, how in the world do I move the big guy in the new tank?!?!?  He's 14 inches long, also, there is another pacu that's 7-9 inches long, do I move the little one in first, to allow him time to get his territory established, or vice-versa? And what fish are good tank mates for pacus? I know silver dollars are, but what else? ALSO, what live plants are good for him, and grow fast enough and propagate easily (shooters, cuttings, etc) enough so that the pacu doesn't eat all of it? lol.


oh, and don't worry, I don't think they're going to break the tank, but they might eat all of the plants and outgrow the tank quickly though. when he does, I'm gonna make a pond for him.
cause H they'll get up to 4 feet long

EDIT: how much lighting should there be in there for a large amount of plants?
EDIT: maybe I could put a Utric in there too!
j/k, it would just get eaten!  

EDIT: and how much airation should there be in the tank for the plants AND the pacus?

LOL, so many edits!
oh, and would that special plant fertilizer made so it doesn't hurt fish be okay to put in later? and would one of those nitrogen reactor things hurt the pacus?
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