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Would it be alright to occasionally feed small crickets to your VFT?  Like 1/4 of an inch to a new one i just ordered off this site?
Hey Oogster

You can feed crickets to your plant...just make sure that whatever you feed it is smaller than the trap. The trap needs to close on its food tight.

Also, it isn't necessary to feed your plant. You can think of it feeding like fertilizer ( which is pretty much what it is )....too much and it will might die or stop growing new traps. Just right ( like 1-2 a month- not in the same trap) would be just right.
No feeding at all...well, it will still grow, just not as fast.

If you have just received the plant...I would wait about a week to do anything to it....the plant needs a break from its long trip

Keep us posted on your plant!