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I have recently herd about feeding my vft dorment flys
Is this ok to do? and if so what is the best way to catch flys/what to use to catch them and were to put them.

Sincerely Kyle
Hi Kyle and welcome to the forum
In order to get the fly to go dormant, it has to be put in the freezer for several minutes. You leave them in there just long enough to induce dormancy. Leave them too long and you have a dead fly.

The method I use is to catch the fly in a small plastic jar (plastic cools quicker than glass) and a stiff piece of paper like an index card or the stiff paper subscription card they stick in the pages of magazines.
It works pretty well. Especially if they are buzzing in a sunlit window. Just come up slow and easy behind them and slide the stiff piece of paper across the top to trap them inside. Put the whole thing in the freezer for ~3 minutes then drop the sleeping fly into a trap. It may take less time or more, just pull them out when you can gently shake the jar and they don't move. They seem dead at first but will wake up as they get warm. I use tweezers to drop them into a trap then jiggle the trigger hairs to close the trap.
Thanx but what about putting them in the fridge for long periods of time is that ok to do

the ones I had yesterday I cheked the smorning and in just a little time they came out of dormancy.

if I can do this how long can they be stored in there?