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Feeding VFT\'s meal worms?

hey all, my vft's have not had any food in a while since i got them, i know you dont have to feed them but i want them to be more healthy and such, i read over RICHARD UK's post on how he feeeeds his VFT's maggots

i went to about 4 bait and tackle shops and found none

then i wnt to a reptile store and got around 50 SMALL baby mealworms

can i use these to feed the VFT's or do i want till they grow into maggots or beetles?

what i want to know is if i can just feed them the small meal worms i got


I shouldn't think it would hurt to feed them to your plant. They dont contain any toxins but I would be cautious of giving my plant such a meaty meal at this time of year when growth (and digestion) are slower than normal.
when would be best time?

to me, spring is here in florida, lots of flowers and trees are starting to get there leaves back

march is like early spring in FL

but when would be best time to do it? which month?

what are the differenece between maggots and mealworms?

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Maggots are fly larva. They are small, white and look somewhat worm-like. Mealworms are generally larger and kept in an oatmeal type media. Maggots feed off of rotting flesh or other nastiness. I think mealworms are the larva of some type of beatle, I'm not real sure though. I have fed my green dragon several meal worms since I got it and they appear to work fine. The worms I have a little too large so I just took some scissors, cut them in half, and then fed the front portion of the worm to the plant in a very timely fashion so the worm would still be alive and able to move. Hope this helps.
thanks buckmaster

i have the small ones and i fed a couple of whole ones to some VFTS and i had to cut some off

one meal worm escaped I HAVE NO CLUE HOW and i found it in the tray of water

if a meal worms escapes with out me knowing into the soil of the VFT is that bad for it?
Geez, cutting mealworms in half, gross! :eek:
Yes, mealworms are the larva of beetles.  Its pretty neat letting one grow from larva to pupa and finally the black beetle.