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Feeding a vft cutting?

Do you think that feeding a Vft cutting will assist the cutting in producing plantlets, or kill it from stress?

That is a very smart question. I don't know for sure, but, it could be a stimulus for growth. I know the leaf, as soon as fed ,would go through normal chemical changes. Thats why I think the plant would root sooner due to needing to store minerals. It's worth an experiment.
See, I think it *might stress the cutting out because the cutting will be using up energy in the growth sprurt and secrection of the digestive juices. But the energy the cutting uses in the capturing and digestive processes will be restored and more when the cutting re-absorbs it's digestive juices. So any failiers will likely result during digesting period. That's just my hypothesis though.

Do experiment! But I would think that the leaf would use most of the water stored in the leaf to make the digestive juices, and it may not recover due to its not being able to replenish the lost substances from the main plant. It may just be too stressfull too. Just a few thoughts.


EDIT: opps, seems mike and I posted at the same time.