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Favorite Drosera

my favorite probably is D.slackii, even though i dont have one! also, if anyone has a slackii/seeds of it/cuttings..please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Zach

Its kinda hard to pick a favorite sundew...I love them all. I do really like the capillaris. And the nidiformis was neat before it got sick. :-( But if I can lump it in, the byblis are coooool!

I want a slackii too!

I'd have to say D. x 'ivans paddle', capensis (all around great plant), and binata multifida extrema. However, from what I heard my d. graomogolensis is going to be great once it grows up. How are the byblis doing, pak? could you get a pic of them?

Hi Noah

The byblis seem to be fine however they aren't growing very fast. Concerns me a little since I've read they are pretty fast growing. There are four about 1/2" tall and one that I think is just unhealthy, but hasn't died. It's just a tiny nub. But they are nice and dewey. I'm hoping they continue to grow so they will seed and I can share. I will try to take a pic, but they are so small and pale I'm not sure if they will show up. My camera isnt good with close ups. But I'll give it a whirl. :)

My favourite sundew is D. Regia

As a close second I also like D.Binata var Multifida 'extrema'.

PlantAKiss, Biblis are usually quite slow to start. They seem to spend months in the seedling stage and then just suddenly take off and grow like crazy! Dont give up!

Yes, I suppose my favorite would be regia too if I had one!!! I was listing only plants I had or will have in the near future. Do you have flowering plants yet?


my Byblis seedlings usually grow relativly fast, if sown in Februar / March.

But a week ago I lost all of my (slow growing) Byblis gigantea seedlings within some days.
Arghhhhhhhh :-(((
And I can't see no reason why.
Ok, it's too dark for Byblis in January (even with some additional light), but why have they survived the even darker December without any problems ?

it's a pitty :-(