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I've managed to waste much of my time trying to find out something about this plant but I can't seem to find anything. I just found a picture of it after searching for it after seeing it in the latest ICPS newsletter *drool*. I'm interested in getting one but I'd like to know more...
One of my favorites! Easy to grow intermediate/highland. Likes bright light. Havn't noticed anything unusual about it. Small plants take a while to gain size but once they hit 3-4" they will get large pretty quickly. What else would you like to know?
Really pretty and adapts fast too. I put my new one out on my porch right after I got it and it is already putting out its third new leaf in only a month
Tony you forgot to mention it smells funky.
Funky eh? I have a primarily lowland terrarium which stays quite warm, would it like that? Also how big does it get? BTW: how big does a Sanguinea get? Just wanted to throw that out there.
Sanguniea will be quite large when mature, reachin pitcher sizes of a foot and larger. The lowland terrarium amy be too warm for Faizliana as TOny mentioned it is an intermediate highlnader and may be harmed/stunted by true lowlander conditions.
O yeah hehe

Whenever I open up a bag of faizaliana that has just come in.. there is a distinct citrus kind of smell.

It will get to be a pretty large plant with long tendrils and large pitchers.
Citrus smell?? Now I gotta get home and start sniffing my plant