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Extra help with lithops please

Well, I thought I would have more time to research lithops, but my seeds germinated in 4 days! I need to get some help asap so I can buy supplies this weekend.

My plan was to build a mini lithop patch/zen sand and rock garden. Does anyone know the minimum pot depth for lithops? I have a 2" deep bonsai container that would fit the master plan, but I don't know if it's deep enough.

It's currently germinating in a plastic blueberry containter with 80% pure playground sand
and 20% peat at the bottom and sides to prevent the sand from running out. I've read that the mixes should be about 60-80% sand with the rest being peat. Does this mean mixed throughly, with a thin layer of sand on top?

I also live in so cal, and yuccas, agave, scrub, and prickly grass things grow naturally on the hills behind my house. Soil analysis for about 2 miles away says "silt, silty sand, loamy fine sand, sand with gravel and cobbles, lesser deposits of clayey silt, granite, sandstone, shale, basalt" Would this stuff work?

Thanks in advance!
the few things I know on lithops is

1. if you grow them from seed which it sonds like you did then dont let them dry out for the first year and keep the humity high (I just started some seeds my self) afther that year water them once ever 2 weeks in the summer and maby once if any dering the winter that seem like the hardest part about growing lithops but they feed of them self all winter

and about the soil I just use cacti soil is worked good for me
some of my lithops(still have not had a good img so I hope this works)
Thanks all! I'll have to post a pic later of the bonsai planter setup. When you can see the seedlings, I'm sure it'll be months down the line!
I LOVE lithops!
... I use 60% peat 40%pearlite mixture, but it's a preferance thing... Where did you get the seeds? If you have anymore, can I have them for an SASE? Lithops are from South Africa, but the soil there is much like you described.
Hope this helps...
theres more to that reply... Yes, the pot is fine. I put crushed granite on the top of mine, just for the pretty effect.
If your plants produce seed, or if you have extras, PLEASE let me know!