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Exploding pitchers

I remember someone saying his pitcher plants looked like they exploded.... Well last night I saw Preety big WASp ( Brown one ) inside one and it was like half way in the juice and looked to be struggling... Wellllllllllllllllllll I looked this morning and the pitcher looked EXPLODED !!!!!!!!! I noticed that the wasp returned and was taking pices of that it had cut up and wized away.. I don't know where it took the pices but im gona follow it Or maybe move the Big VFT next to the pitcher and MAYBE WAM Get that bugger.... Little green inchy worm are doing some dasterdly deeds also My cobra's get little sections missing off the top like it was eaten away .. I saw it doing the eatting , so I picked it up and droped it in a sundew heheheh But new ones come by sometimes and feast Should I use insect killer stuff?

Here's what I say.  KILL the wasp!!!!!!!!! and save the worm. LOL LOL  I'm sure you don't want to here this but I LOVE inch worms.  They are soooo cool to watch. Sorry.

On a serious note.  If you can find where the wasp is carring the "pitcher" at night you could spray it with wasp killer.  I say at night because if you spray the nest during the day you'll either not get them all or get attacked by an angry mob of wasps.
 For the inch worms, I don't think I've ever seen insect killer for inch worms.  So just flick them off and make sure they have no way to get to you plant.  Hope this helped.

If you can't find the wasp nest, put the bug killer on the pitchers or some other poison.  See what it thinks of that.  Maybe you can put sundews around your other plants to keep them safe.
Matt, no sundew is going to protect you from a wasp! Those suckers are strong!
I have some insight here for ya. Some species of wasps carry leaf matterial back to their nests and store them. I forget if the leaf itself or the fungus on the rotting leaf becomes food for the wasp larvae, but it's something like that. Kinda like a cicada killer cathes the large cicada as food for it's young.
You might want to cover your plants with a plastic cover. If you want revenge on the wasps, the next time you see one, kidnap it with some good thick gloves, and dunk them in water till they drown, then put them in a nepenthes pitcher or a really big sundew leaf
I've had a few wasp chew their way out of pitchers from my darlingtonia and sarracenia. Also, i wouldn't try drowning them, they can stay underwater for like 10 minutes. I'm with the worst luck for all my cp's have 10 large wasp nest above them (i have them next to a large building) and I have wasp every where.
This happened to my s. purp recently. Except i think a grasshopper did the damage since there was one sitting on the pot. I think the grasshopper got inside a pitcher, got stuck and tried to jump several times to get free. This caused the pitcher to break apart and look like it blew out on one side.

Katydids did a nice explosion job on my new 'Tarnok' and 'Mardi Gras' pitchers. Really angry about that. But they got good a squashed so I got that going for me
Sundews to eat the worms not the wasp. Sorry but I hate bugs.
They just annoy me.
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Ooooooh... now I know what that freaking HUGE wasp was planning the other day... here's the story...

I was out, minding my own business (well that's classic lol), misting the plants after I rolled the greenhouse out into the sun. I was almost done misting all three shelves and out from behind a pot popped this HUGE yellow and black wasp!!! I, being me, turned and ran for the door. I stopped before going in the door to see if he was chasing me. He was sitting on the top shelf, flapping his wings and buzzing... weird. Anyhow, He stayed there for a while and then got up and flew over onto the old stump of palm tree and landed on the leaf of a vine on top of it. He then buzzed off.

Hmmmmm... now that I hear what happened to y'all's plants... ***barrels out the back door, right through the screen, with a stick, as if that's gonna do any good***
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You should wait for the wasp to land some were get a glass see through bowl and catch him. Slide a peice of cardboard paper etc. under the bowl. Freeze the SOB for like 3 minutes. Put him in the venus fly trap. In a couple of mintues he will wake up alive to trigger the hairs further! LOL the digestion begins!
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well , non of my pitchers have caught any wasp so thats good , but my p. primuiflora kinda looked like it exploded . today i walked home from school and i found my small p. primuliflora look all shredded up then i look farther and i found small pieces of the plant on opther pots of my utrics . it did'nt even get a chnace to flower and it was the only plant to survive from my mother plant . i found a small type of warm one pot away from my ping and it must;ve have been the culprit , th punish ment , 10 minutes in s. leucophylla acid and death from mr. foot