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Exotic Gardens

WOW! I am going to be recieveing my first green dragon!
I just wanted to know approximately how long it will take to get my green dragon. I can't wait to get it .
SInce most of you have bought from exotic gardens, can any of you tell me approximately how long it takes to recieve the VFT?
Also, can anyone tell me what is included with the double plant order, because that is what i ordered.

THanx In Advance Peoples!
Double plant is 2 plants in a pot instead of just one. Twice the plant for hardly much more money. Can't tell you how long it will take. Depends on when it's shipped, how lazy the mailmen are and how far away you are.
'k pipsqueak,

i'm from all the way up north(near Gurnee, oh! Six Flags Great America). once the plants ship from tx, it takes about 3-4 days for the plants to arrive.

hope this helps.
Thanks jiana,
THat helps a lot. THat means i will probably get mine in about 4 days! cool.
I can't wait.
exotic gardens devlivery is really nice, i usualy get my order in 3 days if its a small order, if its big i get it about 5 days.