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EU plant reproductive material law

How long will it be before they control cp seed exchange?

"As you might suspect, this move is the "final solution" of Monsanto, DuPont and other seed-domination corporations who have long admitted their goal is the complete domination of all seeds and crops grown on the planet. By criminalizing the private growing of vegetables -- thereby turning gardeners into criminals -- EU bureaucrats can finally hand over full control of the food supply to powerful corporations like Monsanto."

Yup, that happened here in the US a while ago. A farmer was fined and had to pay damages or royalties to one of the big corporations for using seed created by tomato plants he grew.

"Even that old crone mother nature won't be pushing up any daisies unless she pays Big Picture a stipend. You'll have to learn to take a broad general view of things, and that's what we do here at Big Picture, we take a broad general view of things. Calling in the bulldozers to clean up all this green foresty crap. Deregulated biznezzzz..." He says it real slow and slimey, like an old fashioned snake oil salesman. "Wave of the future boys!"

-In the offices of Big Picture
It's already here. See the previous discussions on plant patents (Sarracenia 'Cobra's Nest'), although it makes provisions for variablility in seeds. GMO patents are more in regards to specific gene sequences that are passed on in the seeds. A good read is Michael Crichton's "Next" where he makes powerful arguments against gene patents.
It used to be that life/dna could not be patented. Then the courts said they would make a "one-time" exception. The floodgates opened after that. If you are a farmer and Monsantos frankenseeds blow onto your property, you will in all likelihood be forced to pay a huge royalty to them, even though you never purchased seed from them or agreed to any such terms. After they sue you the settlements will be confidential and there will be a gag order. You probably will have to destroy any seed you still have and various areas on your property. Thanks, guys!