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Erm, i thought i posted but

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Okay, I thought I posted this befor, but I guess not. My plants have mature pichers now (from the grab bag sale) but I don't have a clue what they are. Could someone give me a list of plants PFT had then so I can start comparing? Thanks.
Are you sure the pitchers are mature? Mine have just started to open up pitchers, and they are not mature pitchers. the tallest one so far is about 6 inches, fully open. They are like the pitchers you'd find on, I'd guess, a three year old plant or so.
If the pitchers are mature, they should be over a foot tall on most of the species PFT carried, and they should be readily identifiable as one of the following (I'm sure I'm missing some here): Purpurea ssp.venosa, leucophylla, leucophylla 'red' (Dana's Delight?), wrigleyana, x'Judith Hindle' and x'Catesbi' (sp? I think I butchered that one....)...they may have also carried rubra, I can't remember
The list of what was available in the grab bag sale is posted here: Grab Bag Sale

For what its worth, I just opened this topic in the ID this plant forum, I believe 1 of mine is a leucophilla "red" and another is a "Judith Hindle" none of the others are displaying any id'able traits as yet.

i recieved my grab bag a couple weeks ago i guess so mines have barely grown an inch yet . i recieved 3 plants , well actually 12 but one of them really wanted to be divided . but anyways , now i have 12 since 1 died , it had quite a big root system and there were news roots coming out but the bulb rotted on top so theres no use . the only bulbs i can seem to identify are s. x wrigleyana because wrigleyanas are known to produce a ton of pitchers and alot of the cut pitchers that were left on a few bulbs seem to make me think i might have a few wrigleyanas , as for the rest of the bulbs i'll just have to wait , to make sure . so how did it takes your to pitcher ?
er, I didn't mean mature plant pichers, I ment the pichers were mature, as in open. I'd say they range between 6 and 10 inches tall each. I'll go look at that id thred, and the GB list, thanks everyone