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emarganta flowering!

OMG, the flower of P.emarganta is sooooooo incredible looking! its like a purplish star with heavy white veins and is only like 1/4 of any inch big! Sorry, it suxz idont have a cam! How should i pollinate something that small!?
To obtain variable seeds from most sp. of mexican pings the flowers need to be cross-pollinated. P.emarginata has some of the smallest and most uninteresting flowers of all mexican pings when compared to moranensis etc, which have flowerings 1-2in in a multitude of colors. You can cross this plant with other mexican pings, if possible, to obtain spectacular hybrids with veined flowers:)
My plant produces multiple flowers, and I have transferred pollen (with a needle) from one flower to another which resulted in seed. Unfortunately they do not seem to be viable since there have been no germination yet. A year ago I did the same with my P. zecheri and it did produce viable seed. Finally, yes the flowers are small, but IMO they are definitely not uninteresting, even compared to species with larger flowers.