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Egg Whites

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What is the "egg white feeding method"?  And what are the pro's and con's?
i would not recomend feeding your vft egg whites, they are inanimate, thus they will not stimulate a substincial amount of digestive enzymes that are required for the digestion process to take place, but i would recommend feeding your sundews and pings egg whites. But over all i think fedign your plants live nd kicking bugs has no problems. Oh and another thing, you can stimulate enzyme release by rubbing the lobes of the trap togther when te trap has been set with the egg white in there, this will cause enzme release
and will cause the egg whtie o be digested! Oh and also to who ever wrote what is the egg white method, it is a feedig method that bypasses feeding your plants bugs, but instead egg whites, works well with sundews and pings, also sarr and neps. and one last thing the reason that your egg turned white is because it got dehydrated and turned clear

hope i helped