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Echeveria turning red & wrinkly Help!

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I made a previous post about my new succulent but today I noticed it’s super wrinkly. I’m thinking it’s from over watering? I just really don’t want to kill this plant. After googling I saw something about root rot so I pulled it out of its pot to check the roots

They don’t look too bad to me but maybe they are brownish. The stem is not soft or squishy at all.

It’s also turning red like very red. The picture below was Thursday and the ones after it were taken just now.




Lastly the leaves are soft and wrinkly, when I first got the plant Thursday they were rubbery and stiff. All of the leaves but 2 are like this.

I really want to make this plant healthy
Please help
It just became super apparent to me that the stem is yellow duh [emoji849] over watering

I know overwatering makes leaves squishy but does over watering cause the red color?

Most importantly
What can I do to heal it from this?
Your soil looks pretty low drainage from what’s clinging to the roots and that could be leading to the root rot. Wrinkly could actually imply underwatered. Essentially your plant can be both thirsty and rotting depending on if your soil has sufficient drainage.

The red is possibly just a sunburn/sun spots if it’s in a really sunny area. But I don’t know the particulars of that particular species.
Good drainage is critical for Echeveria. Many of them grow as cloud forest epiphytes, where they receive regular moisture, but have excellent drainage.