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Easy sundews?


I've got a magic window!
Several weeks ago I purchased a Sundew from Lowe's. I do not know what kind it is. It has long narrow leaves. I'm keeping it outside in PA in the York area (South-east PA). It will recieve full sun all day, right now it is shaded from the afternoon sun. Most of the time there is no dew production. On a few really muggy days a very few leaves will produce some dew.
Does it take a long time for the plant to get adjusted to it's new surroundings? or is there other types of Sundews, that in my area will most of the time produce dew? If so would it have the same dormant period as a VFT and Purple Pitcher? I plan on making a little bog with these 3 plants next year. My Sundew, other then the no dew, appears to be growing good.
Sound like you have a D. adelea.


These plants originate from Austraila and do not like direct sunlight. They are easily grown under artificial lighting and do well in a North facing window ( also known as the shady side of the house ). Plants will gernally be more red if given higher amounts of filtered sunlight and also grow more compact with narrower leaves. Plants grown in shader areas will have longer and wider leaves. D. adelae also does better with higher humidity levels, but can be adjusted to lower levels over time. The plants do not go dormant and produce multiple offshoots from its roots throughtout the growing season.

If at some point the mother plant dies back, do not dump the pot. The plant will most likely come back from the roots.
This is the same plant about 3 months later.


Based on your pic...it looks like a D. Adelea
I must agree, it's definitely a Drosera adelae.
Thanks for the identification of my sundew.

Holy cow, that's the same plant as the earlier post.... in 3 months. You will need a weed wacker for that thing in another 3 months.

I moved my Sundew out front, that only will recieve early morning and late evening sun light. I hope it will start to produce dew then. My Butterwort that I have out there looks great, after burning a few leaves keeping it in the same location as my Sundew was.