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Dyckia 'Alice' plus succulents, others. Trade for Alice or Bohemian/Czech or a Nep

Dec 6, 2014
San Carlos, CA
I just took 3 pups off of my mom's Dyckia 'Alice' (my mom's name) added a few other things, mostly directly from her plants, mostly succulents. Looking for a trade for a CP with 'Alice' in the name, or one with Bohemian or Czech in the name (she's half Bohemian), or just an interesting Nepenthes, preferably, something with roots, but not required. Red coloration in anything is a plus.

I just did a check on this plant as I'm writing this post. I learned two things: People pay a lot for Dyckia 'Alice', and pups of Dyckias might be slow and/or difficult to root. Most sites suggest removing them larger, but given the constraints of the pot they were growing in, the pups had to come off now.

Here are the things I gathered:

Here's the mature Dyckia 'Alice' (not up for trade, her pups are...):

Here's the Neomarica mother plant's flower. The fan above is not rooted, but I don't expect that will be a problem:

Or, if someone is interested there are other things I can add. These include cuttings of Agapetes serpens, Cantua buxifolia and a Bartlettina species that I'm about to add to my "Frequently updated..." thread.