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dueoka's new terrarium

Here's my latest project, a ten gallon terrarium! I used the GS and silicone method (great stuff foam, with black silicone and coco coir) to create the background and landscaped it with plants growing around my house. Sorry, no nepenthes, if everything goes well, I'll put a test subject in there soon. After the pictures, I put down a layer of leaf litter in the front as well as a few more plant to the background. Sometime late December, I hope to add some dart frogs and make it a vivarium. Hopefully I can use this thread to post pictures of it's growth.




The process was so fun I decided to create another one! Here's the start.

Nice!! Looks like a little slice of jungle. The next one looks promising as well!
That first one is begging for dart frogs!
Looks very nice, even without neps :)
Thanks! I'm hoping to get some dart frogs in there a little after Christmas. But first I need to get the whole fruit fly thing down.