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Dry leaves

i know that everyone except me knows the answer to this question. Why are my sundews drying up? they are in planters and their soil is sphagnum peat moss which of course is always damp. It being Fall here in San Francisco the temps range from 60-75 degrees ferenheit. They have no shortage of fruit flies, crickets or spiders to digest yet they are dry and seem unhappy. Any suggestions?
hmmmmmmmmm....I live just barley south, and have the same temp. ranges. and my drosera are just fine, so it's not the temp. If it gets foggy there every day of so, it shouldn't be humidity. how close are the plants to your grow lights? (if you have them under one.) do you give them full sun all day? you shouldn't give them full sun from 12-3. if you do, that might be the prob.
I live in SF and my plants are just great. I have mine on the windowsill...what about you? How high is the humdidty?
thanks spectabilis, i'll try the 12-3 thing. my plants are on the sill and about 16in from the grow lamp.
Going out on a limb here, but, what species is it. It might be going dormant.
Not really sure what "grow light" might be but if it is one of those funnel shaped incandescent bulbs the plants might be getting fried a bit.