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Dry Dromancy for D.macrantha

Its been a while now and my 2 seedling D.macrantha are doing ok. I was wondering if they are too small to put through the required dry summer dormancy? Both are in the smae pot, each about 1/2 tall, and ones is very vigiorous. One, the smaller one, is slighly browning while the other is thriving. Are they ok for the dry dormancy? They are in a zip locked bag and 50% humidty. Please help thanks-Zach
Let them grow as long as they are willing, don't try to give them the dry dormancy, nature will take care of that for you if it is needed. Some research has shown that photoperiod plays a large part in triggering dormancy, so if you can keep them under 12h daylength they will grow throughout the summer. I have erythrorhiza that germinated at the same time as your macrantha and this will be my approach. I am told that even seedlings may form tubers, so remember to lable the pot (!!) so you dont forget whats in it, and restart in the fall if they do go dormant.
it seems one plant is growing strong while the other is kinda diming down in vigor. Ill let all grow as it wants. thanks-Zach