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I was talking to my friend that breed orchids, and he said that even though it is physically painful for the wasps that pollenate orchids, they keep coming back because the pollen acts as a drug.

I was watching flies in my greenhouse sucking Sar juice, and falling in. Everyone in a while, one would escape. They just fly around drunkenly and then come back for more.

I am sure that the nectar-secretion of Sars must bring some sort of buzz or stupor to the flies. Does anyone know of studies?
There is a drug in the nectar taken from a S. Flava, it says in the Savage Garden, can't remember, and I left my book at my grandparents,
Coniiene is the drug in S. flava's nectar secretions. It is a very effective seditive against the insects body and senses.
Thats the name I was looking for, I knew but, but I didn't, oh never mind, thanks Dustin,
Well, it's nice to know I wasn't seeing things. The S. Judith Hindle must be a pharmacy in a pot, because they don't know which way's up after a few swallows.