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Drosophyllum seeds

i recenlty got alot of seeds of drosophyllum seeds from Bobz ( thanks very much ) i scarified them and put them on a try of moist vermiculite in shade and i hope they germiante . they are misted everyday .i can't wait til they germiante but if all of them end up germinating then i got a big problem .
Hey there Goldy,
I'm having a frustrating time with mine....Maybe just 'cause I'm impatient. I did manage to get a few to sprout, but those sprouts bit the bullet. One was my fault...knocked it off the shelf! (DOH&#33
The other damped off, I think. I am currently trying the germination method in one of the prior threads in this forum...no results to report yet.
Maybe lower humidity will help the seedlings survive. I do not believe that the habitat of this plant is very humidity at all.
Hi there:

Just thought to let you guys know that last week I just germinated another 8 drosophyllum seeds with 100% success rate. The method I used was exactly to what I had posted in one of the previous thread, if you guys need some help on the method, just give me a personal PM, and I will see how I can help you.


I am under the impression that the quality of the seeds makes a big difference with germination. I have sown two different batches of Drosophyllum seeds from different sources(using the "water method" described by Joenz, thanks&#33
. With one batch, almost all the seeds germinated. With the other batch, only one seed germinated(maybe others will sprout with more time).
Hi CP2k:

I don't know whether the quality of the seeds would make any different, but I suppose it does kind of make sense if the seeds is not in good condition it should not germinate (by the law of nature - survival of fittest)

I had germinated seeds that are as old as 6 years so, would be interesting to see how it turns out.


A couple years ago, I germinated some Drosophyllum and Byblis gigantea seeds that were 22 years old. Seed of these two species can remain viable a L O N G time.