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Drosophyllum seeds!

Purple sundew,

Hi! I got the Drosophyllum seeds you sent me!just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" I will post every couple days on   how my seedlings are doing and if there is a problem,someone can help me figure it out. The only thing I don't know on Germinating them is how to keep them fungus nats and larvea away and how exacly do you scaryfy and soak the seeds? !Anyone know?Thanks.
There is a really usefulltool to scarify seeds that I discovered. It's a foam rubber cube imbedded with abrasive used for nail care, and it's perfect for controlled sanding of the seed coat on small seeds. Try the local drug store.

I haven't had much success with germinating this seed. Most advice states the use of Ga3 in a 24 hr. soak is effective. If this is not available, I would try soaking the seeds for 48 hrs. before sowing.

Good luck and please keep us posted!
Here is what has worked for me:

I soak the seeds in water for 48-72 hrs shaking daily. Remove the seeds from the water and blot dry an sow on the surface of the intended pot. Use the media of your choice but I recommend a top layer of vermiculite about 1/2" deep. Make sure the media is good and damp. Cover the pot with something clear and place in a warm, bright location. I had 2 successful germinations in less than a week.

I did not scarify but I do not see the harm in it. As far as gnat larva are concerned, they don't seem to like the vermiculite.

Once the seed germinates make sure you do not allow it to ever dry out and never mist them.

Were they from the seeds I sent?
Once they get going these plants grow and grow, mine is larger than a soccer ball in less than a year and that's with UK sunshine.

Well done,

All I did was use a small knife to chip part of the hard coat off the seed and put them on top of some wet vermiculite in a zip-lock bag. 8 out of ten seeds germinated within 2 weeks and the plants are now 2 to 3 inches tall. As soon as they germinated I transplanted them to individual pots and put them in a really sunny window.