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does any body know what the drosera species look like in Illinois ?
Droserae endemic to Illinois are rotundifolia and intermedia
which may be found in the following counties: Cook, Iroquois, Kane and Kankakee in bog/wetlands found there. You should be advised that these plants are endangered in these habitats, and any collection of plants or seeds is both illegal and unethical. This being said, I wish you luck in finding and seeing them. As to what they look like, a simple web search using the names as headers will provide many photos. Try http://www.gogettem.com/. Should you have desire to cultivate these plants I would be pleased to provide seed to you for a SASE. If interested contact me at tamlindd@yahoo.com
Yup, rotundfolia and intermedia (temperate forms) live there in bogs and other peaty areas. Many of these places are being killed off by building of stuff by humans....stupid humans! j/k
I have no intentions on taking them from the wild I was just curious.

No offense intended
I just wanted you to know the score. There are many areas where these species can be found in the millions, sadly Illinois is not one of those places. In a very real sense, habitat evolution is leading to declining numbers as well as human "progress": bogs were formed in the last ice age, but are now evolving into hardwood forests, a natural process. Not to worry though, things will pick up again after the next ice age!
I know i should have put it a better way i just like to look at them