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Drosera stenopetala

I jsut revieved some Drosera stenopetala seed in the mail today. How do I germinate it? And how do I grow it?
Edit: Suppsed to be D. stenopetala in the headline not D. stenopeltata.

Edit: Fixed the topic for you.
Congratulations, you have now in your hands one of the most frustratingly difficult Drosera to grow. Unlike D. uniflora which has similar cultivation requirements, D. stenopetala will continue to grow when placed in the fridge.  Both species hate hot conditions, esp. around the roots, or so it appears from my limited experiences.  Seed remains viable for a long time since it is large and filled with endosperm, but my success with germinating it was very bad.  In fact, germination was noted in pots long discarded as hopeless cases.  I found 3 seedlings growing in bone dry peat.  I grew them for a season using the same protocol as I used with D. uniflora, placing the pot in the fridge when careful observation showed no new traps being produced.  This rest period refreshed D. uniflora which would begin growing again when put back in production.  Not so for D. stenopetala which tried to grow even in the dark cold condtions of the fridge, eventually expending its reserves and waning away.  The plant is best considered as a temperate species with an obligatory winter dormancy at, or just below freezing.  FAilure to provide this will result in the plants eventual waning.  None of my seedlings survived their first dormancy, and the matter rests there for me.  I wish you great success with your seed.  I believe a snap freeze of the seed, ala Sarracenia seed germination protocol may be advisable.  I froze my seed  in an ice cube and then placed that on the medium to sow itself.  After nearly a year with no germination I put the pot outside in March and forgot about it.  When I found it, there was literally no moisture on the surface whatsoever, but there were 3 seedlings bound to make a go of it.  The seelings were noted that June, but I can't say when they germinated or how many actually came up. I have spoken with growers who have cooled terraria and still can't sucessfully grow this species although other heat sensitive species thrive. I do believe that cool temps are essential but any new data would be worthwhile regarding a method that may or may not succeed.
Oh well I am gladI am autioning off the seed for the NASC.