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Drosera spathulata flowers

I know this topic should go on the sundew section, but I figured I'd get more replies here.

I have a spath (spathulata) that's flowering! every day I check on it, it looks like I missed a flowering! the floweres look like they had flowered, but closed before I could pollinate them!
when is the flowering time for D. spath? thanks
How do you pollinate them?
ANd what does it do?
you just rub two flowers together, or rub a toothpic in one.
pollinating it makes you get seed
I think spatulata would be pretty likely to be self-pollinating, so you should still get seed. Some sundew species have very short flowering times. With some species, the flowers seem to be very shortlived (and are open for just a matter of hours). If the closed flowers have small green pods, they've probably self-pollinated, and you just have to wait for the seed to ripen.
Yeah I highly doubt you will have to worry about pollinating them they should do it on their own. I never bothered to pollinate 3 D. Intermedia "cuba" that I have growing in a pot and I just collected like 250+ seeds!

Hehe... a fine opportunity for me to post a pic of my spatulata flower...

I've never seen mine open