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For Sale Drosera Seeds for Sale!

Apr 4, 2018
USA Only. Each packet will come with 100+ seeds:

All are freshly harvested within the last month or so:
D. capensis 'Typical' - $2
D. capensis 'Alba' - $3
D. capensis 'Narrow Leaf' x Self - $3
D. Spatulata 'Beenak, Victoria, Australia' - $4
D. intermedia - $4
D. capensis 'Big Pink' x Self -$5
D. filiformis - $5
D. rotundifolia - $5
U. Bisquamata - $3

Will most likely include additional older seeds free of charge with each order.

Shipping is $1 via USPS in a regular envelop protected by cardboard or free with a SASE). PayPal or Venmo works! Please send a PM!