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Hi there,

I have received a Drosera prolifera , 2 months ago. I have put it with my others sundews, thinking that it would do as my Drosera prolifera, for the time I build my heated terrarium. It grew very well, the plants make stolons but no dews on the leaves. The I put it in my heated terrarium, along with my DD. dilato-petiolaris, ordensis x ?, adelae, Cephalotus, NN. ramispina, hirsuta and x coccinea, and few pots of sowed seeds. The temp is at 25°C (70-75°F), and the photoperiod is at 16h. The plants (substrate: 100% sphagnum moss) still grew well , make new stolons, but no dews on the leaves.

After few days, someone recommand me to lower the temps, keep the humidity high (apparently, such high heat would kill the plant in no time...). So did I, I made a terrarium for these plants alone, with my old mix of 50/50% sphagnum/perlite, which was the most succesful mix I had for D.adelae. The top of the substrate is dressed with living sphagnum. Still no dews, and there is condensation on the terrarium wall. Any idea on how to improve my cultivation condition for this specie (except to avoid to transplant it every 2 weeks?). The plants began to have brown leaves at the base, so it don't look good to me... Any advice from experience are welcome... Thx!

Your temperature range is fine (70 - 75 F).  Although if this is "ideal" can be debated, but I won't go there.  My prolifera has been growing fine in that temperature range.

Your photoperiod is fine, so is your soil mixture. One of my pots contain 100% spahgnum moss, the other 50/50 silica sand and peat, and growing very well in fact.

So... after some thought, I think it boils down to humidity.  They seem to be picky (and yes you're right, they do like it high).  For example, I have 2 pots next to each other, one pot of prolifera has NO dew droplets, and the other has nice big droplets.  I've asked myself WHY this past few weeks.  Turns out, my ultrasonic mister is right above the one that has NO droplets.  It seems it doesn't like to be inundated with mist, but 6" away the other pot of prolifera is fine.  go figure.

My solution:  Transplant some of the prolifera into other pots and place them in other parts of the terrarium(s) to see what happens.  Hopefully you'll fine a sweet spot for them.  

Good luck and let me know what you find!
hope this helps,