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Drosera palacea

I might be ordering three D. palacea by mail when the place i'm ordering from opens for buisness. Are there anythings i should be aware about while raising a pygmy sundew? I've never done it before, so I need help... are they the same as other drosera?

Pygmy Drosera need a lot of light, and open air. Mix 70/40 sand/peat, and if you can use coarse and fine sand to make this so much the better. The exception are pulchella which like 60/40 peat/sand (note the switch), and the older the peat the better for the plants.
Sand should be clean quarts silica. The deeper the pots the better, they have long thin roots which do not take to teansplant once plants are mature. Water with pure water from the bottom spring/summer, but do not stand in the tray for long stretches. Full sun is almost a requirement for good growth, these do not do well in terraria. If under lights, keep them no more than 3 inches from the tubes. Fall and winter increase the watering, allowing them to sit in water. Gemmae will be produced with less than 11 hrs. daylength, and they can tolerate temperatures down to 40F, although 50F is optimal. Gemmae will not form if there is any light after dark, sort of like with Xmas cactus setting buds. Once the light is gone don't interupt the dark period by turning on a light in the room. After gemmae production the plants have a brief dormancy, and are very prone to fungal attack at this time, so keep the humidity and watering down for several weeks. They do not require high levels of humidity. Palaces is a more difficult species, as pygmys go, you might consider trying an easier subject for a first try, like pulchella or pygmeae. Best of luck. These are some of my favorite Droserae!
Palacea is the only flavour they have, and for five bucks each (canadian, i'm canadian too btw, so its not like, two fifty american... ~_-)... Is this a good price?