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Drosera neo-caledonica

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Where can I buy D. neo-caledonica. I really want one.
I don't know where to get it but I just wanted to remind everyone not to post the source here and send it through private message please...
Never seen one nor heard of. Picture if possible please?
I cultivate some of them...
but for me it is a very, very problematic species...
I don't know why, but they always look really bad :-(

I have some flowering plants but they never produced seed (all from one clone ?)


Looks sorta like a cross between D.Capensis and D.Intermedia.
Cool drosera though! Temperate or tropical.
Sub-tropical. And I have to agree with Martin that this plant is a beast to care for.

Is it possible to ask the International Carnivorous Plant Society about how to grow this plant?
Its worth a shot. bestcarnivorosuplants.com has a care guide to it. check it out.
I have few D. neo-caledonica for trade
and open to offers
you can post it privetly
I would add a photo later today

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What is the big deal about caring for them? Why so hard?
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Just out of curiosity, where on BestCP is that grow guide?


I'm not sure why it is difficult, it seems to have a specific niche that it thrives in and outside those boundaries it just kind of makes do. Mine has been growing slowly but it hasn't been increasing any in size, still about 1cm across after 3 months.
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here are D. neo-caledonica photos
and as I say I have few for trade



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Cool droseras! I may get one later but not right now!
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I just found out they like it very wet, with a sandy potting mix. They grow in Australia, where they sometimes experience a drought( which is not needed in cultivation), and is part of the group called the Wooly Sundews/ petiolaris complex.
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Actually...they grow in New Caledonia as tropicals. They do not experience a drought and are more closely related to the spath. complex than the petiolaris complex.
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CP2K knows his stuff!
I would like to know why it is so hard. It still puzzles me why it is hard to grow while the requirements are so easy to provide. :confused:
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A Nep person couldn't understand.
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Thats what that bestcp site said. After finding out it was in the petiolaris complex from the site, I looked it up in The Savage Garden. But, you could be right.
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Also wanted to mention that you can find a really good picture of it on the cover of Carnivorous Plants of the World, by James and Patricia Pietropaolo. That picture is why I want the plant so bad.
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The name, neo-caledonica pretty much gives away the location of the plant. The climate in New Caledonia varies much from that of Northern/Western Au.