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Drosera multifida "Extrema"


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
i have just recieved Drosera multifida "Extrema" seeds from Pyro (Thanks man!! ) and i have attempted to search the carnivorous plant database for Drosera multifida "Extrema" and cannot seam to find information on dormancy. stratification... etc. etc. can anyone please take me threw the search process so i can help myself in the future?
grow like other binata this does not require a dormancy but can go into one if it drops below 40F. It needs real bright light and humid condtions my binata that i have,grow  real nice in L/f sphagnum,soaked. it would probely be a good idea to keep the seeds in the fridge for a couple of weeks, becouse iam pretty sure it had pretty cold winters in Queensland. They can come back from brief hard freezes so they are pretty cold tolerant.
oh and the best way that i have found to research is to type the name of the plant right into to the search of like yahoo, you come up with more info than you can handle for most plants.


You should try google.com thats where I found petflytrap!
that is really nice and large forked dew. Looks especially nice in a ahanging basket if humid enough. Sow seeds over a mix of peat/sand.

I am PMing you all the information you need

p.s. Joel, Queensland is compltely tropical, no winters at all
well my bad, i guess i should have checked into the that i always have figured it for being a bit cooler.


The reason this failed to come up on the CP Data Base is your spelling. There is no Drosera multifada, only Drosera binata var. multifada 'Extrema', and I do believe the Extrema at the end is legitimate, as this is a registered cultivar. Try the search using this name and all should be well.
Excerpt from the Carnivorous Plant Database:

N: ~[Drosera binata {Labill.} var.multifida {Mazrimas} f.extrema {Hort. ex Gilbert}]nom.nud.
P: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.13:74 (1984)
S: =[Drosera binata {Labill.}]

Just click on the link below and you will see a long list of results including the one in question:

CP Database - search results for Drosera binata
Thanks for the link Joseph. Looking at this, I note the entry nom.nud. after the "f."extrema" entry. This means literally nomina nuda or "naked name" meaning that the name was published without a description or diagnosis and is therefore not acceptable under the Codes of Nomenclature. (So, I had that one wrong, live and learn:-)). If you look at the link, you will find the acceptable cultivar names listed along with their descriptions.

I have a form of binata in cultivation I am looking into publishing as a cultivar since its form is so different from most that I have seen. I am learning the process of how to do this, and will probably post a report when I learn it.
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I am anxious to see your new Drosera binata cultivar.

Here is a link to the ICPS web pages about Cultivars and how to name them.

ICPS Cultivars

There are links there too, to all the current, officially registered cultivar names, but be careful all the names that will be listed there at those links are not all properly registered, I'm not sure but some are missing one part or another of the requirements for official cultivar status. (check the HC)