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Drosera 'marston dragon'

Does anybody have a picture of a mature D. Marston Dragon? Also, how big does it have to get before it starts branching? Mine is still in the juvenile 'Y' form and the sticky part is about 7 inches from tip to tip. How much bigger will it get before it starts to branch?

I don't have any pics of mine but give at a few more sets of leaves and they should start branching.
The bigger the pot and the faster they grow!!

So it will branch soon hopefully, thanks BinataBoy.  

No pictures anyone?
There`s a pic in the book "the savage garden".
The pic in SG is of 'extrema'

Snowy, just a warning, I know there is a plant floating around the US being called 'Martson Dragon' that is actually nothing more than dichotoma. I know because this plant landed in my hands a few years back. It is easy to tell as the leaves never develope a red/maroon tint and at most it forks to 4 points.
Ok, thanks, I'll make sure it branches to at least 8 points before trading any of it. I appreciate the info Pyro.

Are the leaves themselves supposed to be red or is it the digestive glands/ gooey stalks (whatever they're called, it's escaping me at the moment).

The tip of the gland is supposed to be red and the leaf itself is supposed to turn maroon under good light (taking after the 'extrema' parent.)
I have the Dichotoma and the Marston. The difference can be striking. Wait for the red.
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Hmm. That would mean that the marston dragon I got from home depot is just a dichotoma
. Darn. I guess I'll haveto get the real one from Peter then...