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Drosera linearis

I was wondering if anyone knows of this temperate species within their range. I am interested in learning about the habitat requirements for this species, and I am also seeking seed if it is from cultivation, not habitat.
Hey there Tamlin.

Sorry to see this post late but must have slipped down without me seeing it. Linearia is supposidley in our range. It is ranged around the great lakes so I suspect it would be in NY in bogs. I know you could grow it outside as of it's hardiness (same as Rotundifolia,Intermedia,Purpurea subsp. Purpurea) I have not seen it in the wild ever but will look to tell you if it is in NY. I'll have to bring along a testing kit to amke sure it is linearis! j/k. Hoep you have good luck finding seeds!
I've never seen any. I don't know of any in New York, but I have heard it grows in northern Michigan, and in Ontario.
I've wanted to see it for a while, but haven't had the chance. I doubt I could identify it even if I saw it.
www.bestcarnivorousplants.com has it for sale, but requires importing permits (it's in the Czech Republic). They list their form as from the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, and I've also heard somewhere it may grow somewhere near Windsor, Ontario.