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Drosera lasiantha

Hi everyone,

Another of the pygmy Drosera species in my collection has decided to flower over the past few days. The species is Drosera lasiantha and the plant in the following photos is over an inch in height. The obtained the plant 3 years ago bare rooted through the post and it has thrived since. I really love the woolly buds and soft pink veined flowers, it is reminiscent of a Drosera dichrosepala(the plant, not the flowers) only smaller and daintier.

An interesting note on this species is that it never shows any signs of slowing down or going dormant in summer as most of my other species do. How do other growers find this species grows for them in summer?

The first photo is a shot of the flower-


The next a shot of the plant in flower from side on-


And finally another shot of the plant from the side-


Not many species left to flower now, next up should be Drosera parvula.


Wow, look at that stalk!!! That's an amazing plant there, Sean.

Thank you for gracing our forum with beauty.   I like the hairy scapes, but then again, I like hair!
Wow, that's wierd looking! I like the skirt and stalk of dead leaves with the live growth at the very top!

Gorgeous photo...striking little plant.
You gotta love those pygmies.
The photos didn`t work for me:(