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I'm just gonna make a small journal similar to Darcies.

Yesturday I took the 2 drosera I got from pft that were send dormant out of dormancy. I also, a while ago, planted some Drosera spatulata seeds, and some Drosera burmanii seeds, thanks larry! if you ever have more available, keep me on your list.

Drosera filiformis 'California Susnet'=NC
Drosera binata=NC
Drosera spatulata   I have seen little seedlings for about a week now. They're getting bigger by the day, have too many to count, lol
Drosera burmanii   I've seen little green specs for a while ago, but I'm not sure if they're burmanii seedlings
Drosera adelae   It has grown awfully slow since I got it, but after I put it in my lowland terrarium, it shot up like a rocket! I see a flower stalk now! the seedlings (1 cm-2 inches) are doing okay
Drosera capensis   It's still pigging out on the shrimp pellet, hope it flowers again like last year.
Drosera capensisseedlings   they're growing fast now! the largest one is more than 2 inches in diameter!
Drosera spathulata,'pink flower'I'm sure it's 'pink flower', cause the flowers are pink   still sending up flower stalks
Drosera alicae (sp? please correct me pingman)=NC