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Drosera indica

Is anyone growing Drosera indica? I am looking for seed of the red form.
Hi Tamlin

I've read a few of your posts and you strike me as a very interesting character!!

I have been going to do a trip to Sumba since about October last year as Allan Lowrie tells me there is a variety of indica there. I also have a book on the ecology of Nusa Tengara that says the same thing. Unfortunately work commitments have prevented it thus far but I WILL go before June.

Assuming I find some indica, I'll mark a few bags of seed for you.

Feel free to email me at hachiya@indosat.net.id

Cheers, fatboy

PS thanks for the link to the Darwin site, also very interesting.
Hello Oh ponderous One!
Thank you for your kind offer. I have the green form of indica under cultivation, but the red form has been elusive.
I wish I could see the things you have seen! Be sure to write a travelogue of your trip and post it: it's about as close as many of us will come to seeing these plants in habitat!
The Darwin book really is good reading, and not too thick, as he wrote it for the common man. I have been dealing with trying to understand what exactly the difference is between a variation and a species, and how speciation occurs. Many good insights are to be had from Charlie!
He had the nerve to stand up to the authority of ignorance, and he demonstrated his theories in a way that the oridinary non-scientist could understand and appreciate.
Everything is interconnected, and it is an awsome thing! We would all do well to remember this, and take it to heart! The fact that he saw the world in a whole new way and had the ability to communicate this to others is awesome too. Also, he was a Reverend of the Anglican Episcopal Church, so his courage is even more remarkable.