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Drosera henryana


Has anyone grown henryana (capensis X alicaie)? Are they difficult? Does anyone know a good source for one? Thanks-Zach

PS: If anyone has a source for D.villosa, please post it up also
I've heard they are slightly more difficult than either parent plant, but they're probably still fairly easy. I might try and hybridize them if I can ever get my capensis and aliciae flowering at the same time (I'm hoping this will be in the next year sometime). I remember seeing them offered by a competitor of petflytrap, but they're not listed as available there now.
I have some seedings just up. I should be able to set you up with one by late spring.
Thanks for the speedy replies. Hope to hear from ya Tamlin!
Oh yea, a ? about hybrid sundews: Can the hybrid plant produce viable seed? Same goes with other hybrids (Sarracenia, etc)