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Drosera capillaris


Neps, Neps, Neps.........
I noticed germination 5 days ago and seeds were planted 2-27-03. I've never grown this before, any comments on care etc.?
D. capillaris is another highly variable species. I have had some that were problem free, and other forms that were tempermental in the extreme. Do you know what population your plants are from? The long arm form found in Florida is the easiest in my care. Some of the smaller rosetted D. capillaris found in South America prove difficult in my conditions, esp. in the winter.

Other forms of D. capillaris I grow go dormant in the summer if the roots are allowed to get too warm. This is a sensitive time for these plants. I have found if the roots are kept cool the plant will not go dormant. Dormancy in this species appears to be stress related.

Dormancy for this species is shown by a cessation of trap production, and a blackening of the stipules. The plant looks like it is trying to form an abbreviated hibernacula. Usually the roots go, and the plant is very sensitive to fungus attacks at this time. If and when this happens, I repot the plants. I wash all the old media from the rosettes, and replant in fresh clean medium. I like milled LFS for this. Keep the resting plants as cool as possible in the summer and out of direct light, with good air circulation.

Other growers have speculated that the plants spontaneous dormancy might be the result of root nematode involvement in the substrate. In all regards, a very clean medium is suggested.

This is an area of taxonomy that really needs some work, right now many forms are lumped under D. capillaris that probably would be better off being assigned a species or subspecies status, or so it seems to me.

I think there is some capillaris seed in the package I just sent to you (hope you have a lot of pots&#33
, if not let me know and I will send some. You will enjoy seeing the variability I'm sure.
Thanks for all the info Tamlin...I'll let you know how they do; the only thing that might identify them to you is that they were sold as 'pink sundew'... I also have D. cistiflora seeds planted but no germination yet. Do you also grow this plant?
I am growing D. cistiflora for the first time. So far my plant is a willing grower, but I received it as a small rosette. I have been unable to date to germinate D. cistiflora seed.
Here is a shot of D. capillaris Paria do Imbe. The rosettes are dime sized, and mature.

I planted capillaries 'alba' seeds about 5 months ago. Only recently I have found germination among them. Surprising it took so long. Tamlin, gorgeous plants, willing to trade one?