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Drosera capenisis flower turning black!

hi i just bought a D. capenisis and it sent up a flower spike...theres about 8 of those small flower stalks or something (not yet bloom)the tip of all the "flower stalks" are turning black except for 1 still purple...is the flower dying?also how long does it take to get seeds cause the sundew is sending another flower spike
Hi Wes, could be a couple of things. 1) are they blackening from the bottom up? If so, you just may have missed them openning! They're only open of MAYBE 2 hours durring the day (sometime between between 8 and 5:30...always while I'm at work. DOH&#33
. If that's the case, well, don't worry.
2) I am having a problem now where the buds are dying before they ever open. I think it's because my bulbs are old and the plants don't have enough light to support flowering. That just a guess, though. I have yet to change the bulbs to find out (BAD SCHLOATY! BAD&#33

I'm sure there are other things that could cause them to decline, but you didn't mention whether the rest of the plants look healthy...???

As for getting seeds, well, that's easy. Wait untill the brown pods crack open (can take a while...I think about a month if I remember correctly). Then gently tap the bud with your finger, or something, over a white sheet of paper. You should get tons of seeds. Remember, though, that not all the buds will ripen at once, as they don't all flower at once.
O'sweet I was just going to post a topic on the subject as my D. Capensis is flowering right now. Thanks schloaty for that info.

Don't thank me unless I turn out to be right! LOL
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (schloaty @ Aug. 14 2003,02:45)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Don't thank me unless I turn out to be right!  LOL
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Ok, I will take that Thanks back and give it to someone else...hehehe lol
My d. binata is doing the same thing. bud is turning black before it even opens, or I missed it...
yes they are blackening from the tip...it dosent really look like its dead...they are a bot brownish actually...the flower is still very tiny,u mean a Drosera flower opens for only two hours then turns brown?