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Drosera burmannii

hey guys,
Im looking for some burmannii seed. All my plants flowered and died. I have some nice seed for trade
I would prefer a good bit of this seed but any will do.

Did you collect the seeds after the plant flowered? This sp. self-pollinates.
hm.... they never produced any seed. The flower just turned black and died.
I have yet to see the flowers of my D.burmannii open as this is rather uncommon. Closed flowers of this sp. produce abundant seed. Just cut off the stalk when it browns and tap the seedpods over a piece of paper. Hundreds of tiny black seeds should fall onto the paper.
ok Ill try that next time. All my stems have withered away.

Put the pot in a baggie and keep wet. I bet the seeds fell there and will grow. If not... It was worth a shot!
Hey Sarracenia

I might be able to help you out. Let me check and PM me as a reminder.

I can provide you with seed. Send a SASE to

William Dawnstar
42 East Oneida Street
Oswego, New York 13126

Enclose a note informing me that you would like Drosera burmannii seed.
thanks alot tamlin Ill send the sase asap