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Drosera ascendens


It’s a trap!
I recently received some seed of Drosera ascendens. Any special treatment for the seed or the plants?

Hi Nick,

I sowed some D.ascedens seeds on a peat:sand medium outdoors under 70% shade. The pot was placed in a large rubbermaid container, which housed pots of pygmy dews. The seeds germinated in ~3 weeks.
Thank you for the info. I am going to attempt 1/2 the seed now, and the rest a little bit later. From the photos I have seen of the plant, it is a very nice species.
Fernando Rivadavia ID'd my unknown Brazillian species today as D. villosa var. ascendens, so I have just learned that I am growing it!! It is a willing grower and a very beautiful species. I am psyched! I was fairly sure it was this or D. graomogolensis (Tamlin does a small hopping dance, big grin)
Thought I would post an update on my seeds. I have about 50 seedlings at the moment. Not sure if all the seed has sprouted yet. I am looking forward to seeing these plants mature.
Good growing Nick! This is a great species, whether you call it D. ascendens or D. villosa var ascendens. My plants are heat sensitive and I have recently moved them into the cellar where they are thriving.
I would actually say that it is extremely heat sensitive, going into a quasi dormancy when the temps go even slightly above 70 or so degrees. I would keep it wet, and keep it cool and it should do very well for you.

Apart from the heat sensitivity part, the plants are very easy if you keep the plants in pure sphagnum (dried or live).