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Drosera adelae

Ok, I'm getting one soon. Do they need much light? I read they dont need "as much as others". My D. rotundifolia needs HIGH humidity or else it loses it's dew... Is this the case for D. adelae? Is this the case for all sundays??? And pings too I suppose...

Any other things I should know?


Pardon that but this is my first actual picture being posted :cool:!! This is a D. Adelea and I keep mine in a 10 gallon aquarium with florescent lights leaving a crack open for circulation.


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Need to clear things up...WWWWOOOOOHHOOOOO is not an actual web page.

Well since I have the power to post pictures now...Here is the top view of the D. Adelea. Do not mind the dirt on the leaves (just transplanted it) or the carpenter ant which had a nice slow agonizing death :biggrin: ...O' Ya!! Alright time to come down from my cloud but not all the way, hope you enjoy the pictures.
D.adelae needs pretty high humidity, but placing it in a tank and misting it daily is great. they like shaded light, but i grow mine in direct sunlight and is fine. i have mine in a mix of long fibered shagnum and perlite in a potted terraium and in natural sunlight.

I've had my ups and downs with d. adelae but now they seem happy. I switched soil to mostly LF sphagnum with some peat/perlite mixed in. They are now in a tank with humidity around 70+ or more. I've read they like 80% humidity but I don't think it has to be that high. They are now dewey, blooming and producing babies so apparently they are happy. I just added two more (from Exotic Gardens of course). Mine didn't do well with direct light (even partial)...but seem happier under the fluorescent tank light.

Tamlin and Martin grow beautiful d. adelae and might have some advice.

Nice pics Travis!

Good luck with your new plants, Parasuco. :)

I grow mine at the end of my grow tubes (less light) in long fiber live sphagnum on top of sphagnum/pearlite mix in cool conditions 75Fd/59Fn, with high humidity. I keep mine wet, with visable water showing at the surface of the substrate. They are in an undrained glass bowl in a dmall terrarium. I give mine a few hours broken morning sun.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Quote: from Tamlin Dawnstar on 12:47 am on April 8, 2002
I keep mine wet, with visable water showing at the surface of the substrate.  They are in an undrained glass bowl in a dmall terrarium.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Interesting, I would have thought they would prefer drained soil. I think I'll try that... I have some excellent containers with no drainage.
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Martin you always seem to have the healthiest plants. What is your secret!? Lots of dew even when not being in greenhouse or terrarium! Is Germany that humid?
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I have been looking at this topic from day 1 and now want to pop in for a word or two.
Yes, i would also like to know Martin's secret! Martin E-mail me for private instructions! :biggrin: But also I grew my D.Adelae in the terrarium with my N.Rajah with around .5 cm of above the soil and it seemed to dislike it, Martin how are yours grow and how the heck do you get em that RED!!!!
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Hey Martin,

Great looking plants of Drosera adelae 'white flowered'. Must have given them a lot of light for the stunning red leaf coloration.
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pretty much 3 simple rules..

1) water tray method

2) keep it in a humid environ (terrarium, covered glass vase. etc)... basically any sealed or nearly sealed container works

3) give em decent light.

mine arent as dark red as martin's, but look just as beautiful and healthy. the leaves remain bright green with red dew drops. i imagine if i add more light mine might become darker like martins but last time it tried i cooked them...ooops.
anyway, follow those simple rules and the plant is easy to grow and great to have
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Maybe such brilliant coloration just takes time.

Mine are in low light on the bottom level of a terrarium. 2 bulbs, temp. 75-80 F, very high humidity--80%+.
Potted in 2:1:1:1 dead sphag/peat/sand/perlite and doing well!

Thanks everyone, enjoyed the photos.