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Droopy leaves

I live in Dallas, Texas. I keep my flytrap on the balcony where it gets partial shade and not quite as hot, and I use a fluorescent light for extra light. I water it with either distilled or rain water.

Here's my problem:
The leaves are drooping over the pot and are limp. is this any cause for alarm?
Ok....How hot does it actually get? VFT's can take pretty darn hi temps...though over about 90 you have to make sure the humidity is up....try to keep it below 100 (think North Carolina weather...pretty hot and muggy). They do well in lower humidity as long as it's not TOO hot. Also, did you buy it in one of those domed-pots? If so, you need to slowly acclimate it to a) sun and b) lower humidity....just thrusting it into either of these can cause shock and/or sunburn.
VFT's appreciate several hours of direct sun, it gives them a nice red color, so you can move to a sunnier location if you have to use a flourescent to give extra light.
I think the general consensus is that you should grow this plant on the "tray method." This means sit the pot with the VFT directly in a tray of rain or purified water, about 1/2 inch deep. wait for the water to evaporate and then re-fill the tray.
Soil: Should be in 1:1 mix of Spagnum pete and perlite, or Spagnum pete and silica sand. There are other mixes you can play with, but this is a good start.
Never fertilize. If you did, it's most likely wilting from root burn. I would flush the pot a few times with pure water to try to remove the fertilizer (it you did this).
Good luck!
Hey, thanks. Right now, the hottest I've seen it get out there is between 90 to 95 degrees. Of course, it will get hotter in July and August.  I've had my flytrap out of the dome for the couple of months I've had it and haven't been giving it fertilizer or anything.  I just recently noticed that it was getting droopier and droopier. Thanks for your input...

Unless it's getting quite a bit of light; the growth will be spindly and fall over the sides; and sometimes, in the Summer, if the traps are getting bigger and bigger, they get 'weighed' down. Mine get good light, but droop over because of this. They aren't limp or anything, though.