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Dracaena massangeana/corn plant

I've been doing a buncha searching online because my mom's two plants, which we've had for like 15+ years, is fLoWeRinG! At first I was thinking that they were sexed like nepenthes because it was a spike...and they were slimy and icky.
But one day our dining room smelled nice and there seems to be the 'normal/typical' flowers with the anthers and stamen...so I'm gUesSing its not a sexed plant/

I had no idea what kind of plant it was, but I found some pictures and it looks just like a Dracaena massangeana. So I was just wondering if anyone knows about pollination, because I couldn't find anything on that.
Do they self-pollinate or should i manually do that?
Are the seeds hard to grow, or even worth trying?...
Thanks for any help =]
dioecious (alt. diecious)
Unisexual, with male and female flowers on separate plants.

monoecious (alt. monoicous)
Having stamens and pistils in separate flowers on the same plant.

As for pollenation I think its pretty straight foward(Pollen from stamen on to Pistil) and needs no further explanation. Certainly not when were talking about a waste of space Dracaena.