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I was wondering about sarras dormancy conditions,i mean do they need cold weather or just a reduced amount of water and light?All it said in my cp book regarding sarras dormancy is to only water them once a week during winter.............i am confused.

They definitly need reduced photoperiod. The temperature drop is fairly important too but you don't have to full on freeze them or anything like that.

Fpr my sarra dormancy, i just place the plants outdoors in a shaded spot, like under a bench, and let nature take its course, even though i live in san francisco! Usually, once the temps go down and photperiod declines, the plants go dormant, regardless of watering level. your book probably tells you to lower water inorder to not incourage boytris, but i have seen drier sarras go dormant faster then wetter onez-Zach
by low temps u mean what? 21 degrees celcius?

I'd shoot for at least 15 C. If you can't get this easily then you might want to consider the refridgerator method of dormancy