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I looked at some average temperatures, and I've realized I'd probably kill my plant if I put it outside for dormancy. I don't like the idea of putting it in the fridge either.

Last year, I had the plant in a nice sun room, that had a seperate temperature control so it would not go under 40 degrees. Since then I've moved to a cooler place, and the average low is 17 degrees in January (thats average, not minumum)!

I've already noticed the plant's growth's slowing, looking at the average temperature charts of Raliegh compared to where I live, you can tell I'm about a month ahead of them temperature wise, and being further north I'm doomed to get weaker light also.

My plans are to just leave it on my windowsill and reduce watering.

So considering I'm a good 10 degrees cooler on average, do you think the plants will become dormant enough, considering my plants' growth is already noticeably slower?
Well, fourty degrees is by no means too cold for them. My plants do well here in Central Florida, and despite what people say, it DOES get cold in the winter. It can get as low as 29° F. at night.

17° is a BIT too cold for them... they can tolerate around 25° and do okay. if it's anything over 50°, it's too warm. Dormancy is crucial for the growth of your plants. Without it, they could possibly die. They need their rest... it's like a human living for their whole life with no sleep. Kind of rough, ay? lol... but yeah, just keep them a little bit warmer than you said it will get. 25° and over is good. Give them almost no water, except for when they need it. Give them an hour of direct sun a day. The smaller amount of sun is the most crucial part of putting them into dormancy. Clip off any dead parts, for they will be especially prone to fungus and bacteria in dormancy. Bring them out of dormancy around February.

Good luck!
for what it's worth, last winter i DID NOT give several of my vft's a dormant period. they have done great this year! now, i don't recommed that everyone do this, but i did. for me, it worked.
for the plants that DID get a dormancy, i just put them in the laundry room in the basement. this room is unheated, is in the south west corner of the basement, and has a west facing window. those plants are also doing great this year. fyi, i never checked the temp in that room.
this year, i plan on putting all of my plants that need a dormancy in the same room. here's my average temps.

hope that helps!

i did the same thing technoracer , i was a bit too lazy to put all my plants to dormancy actually and they have all done well this year .
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Despite what people say, it DOES get cold in the winter.  It can get as low as 29° F. at night.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Cold compared to what?  Mexico?  My average low is going to be 17°F with a record low of -23°F in January.
 That's cold! I don't like cold.

Light frosts and constant freezes are very different beasts.  In nature, the bogs help regulate the VFT's temperatures.  I'm going to need a huge pot to help thwart off freezing temperatures for a month.

Yeah, my plants aren't on a timer in a terrarium.  They'll get less light and cooler temperatures during the winter, but I just doubt I'll keep my apartment under 60F in the winter (I get free heat).  I don't like the idea of putting them in fridge, as I think that is more likely to do them harm than good.  In the fridge, they'd have no light and constant low temperatures.  While the temperature may be right (for one month out of the year), the lighting is way off.  I think the plants would suffer some shock being taken out of the fridge.

Currently, I believe people are under the assumption that they need a deeper dormancy than the plants actually do.  Well, I'll know in a year.
Cold compared to what many people who have never lived in Florida say. Florida is famed to be the state that is ninety degrees all year round. Heck, it's already getting 68 in the morning. I mean, eight o' clock type morning, not five. Before the end of the month, we'll be getting seventies in the day. By Christmas, it'll be thirty degree nights and 30-40 in the day.
Both temps and photo period are a facter of dormancy, however photo period is a lot more important than temps. Photoperiod should be reduced, this is what starts dormancy. I know of an expert VFT grower that grows his VFTs year round in southern Cali. The average high in the winter is about 69 degrees or lower and the average low is 45 degrees. His plants did exceptionallly. There are accounts of VFTs grwing year round in the tropics and Hawaii.
I have been overwintering my CPs (VFTs and Sarracenia) in the refrigrator the last 6 winters in a row..for 3.5 months straight each winter. (November 1st - Feb 15th, generally)

at 35 degrees, inside the fridge, they need no light at all..
they arent growing at all!
I cut all the leaves off anyway! they go deeply dormant.
So if you are worried abiout light in the fridge, dont!
they need no light in the fridge at all..

the fridge is the ONLY option I have!
its either outside in Rochester, 5 months of snow, ice, temps from 40 to zero, no good! below freezing most of the time..
or inside at 70 degrees next to a windowsill, also no good.
or the fridge!

If I had an unheated room, garage, basement etc, I would rather use that..
yes there might be better places than the fridge, if you have those better places! many dont..
the fridge works fine..

It was just a piece of info. Scot, SHeeesh!
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (uglypho @ Sep. 19 2003,10:55)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">It was just a piece of info. Scot, SHeeesh![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
what was just a piece of info?
you lost me there, not sure why im being "sheeshed"?