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Mar 16, 2002
Podunkville, Indiana
Vft will go dormant in or during the fall months, usually aroudn october or even november depening on the temps... but if you are goriwng your vft outside it will go into dormancy naturally.. if you are growing them inside, you may want to cut the traps off the plant *Traps not leaves, and place it in a zip lock baggie and, put it in the refridgerator... in the crisper or wherever, and leave it in there for the remaining of the winter... until spring then bringit out of the fridge and put it wherever you woudl like... i woudl reccommend growign your vft outdoors, btu whatever.. but if your vft goes dormant outdoors, then place it in a window seal that gets theleast amount of light... and leave it there until spring and bring it outside again...

hope i helped,
Dec 8, 2001
Oswego, New York, U.S.A.
Another consideration is where are you located? Plants in the Northern hemisphere are dormant in winter, but remember the seasons are reversed in the Southern hemisphere. VFT's in South America and Australia are dormant now, as they are having their winter with short days. The plant should rest about 3 months, when the daylength is short, ideally at lower temperatures, but there is evidence that suggests daylength is more of the deciding factor.